The Force is Strong with these cabin cases

The NEW American Tourister cabin luggage from the DISNEY WAVEBREAKER range is as eye catching as it gets. The Stormtrooper and R2D2


These Cabin Cases conform to Ryanair 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and all other Airlines so there is no need to worry if your case will fit on-board as they have the dimensions covered.

The convenience of the dual-caster spinner wheels makes wheeling your suitcase a breeze.

Inside you have a zipped divider pocket and cross ribbons to keep your clothes in place.  We have found that rolling your clothes in your suitcase is better than your traditional folding of clothes and it allows you to fit that little extra inside your bag too.    Both are now available in-store and online at €120 at


Ryanair Cabin Guidlines

Traveling with cabin luggage can be a stressful and annoying practice at the best of times.  Worrying if your bag is the right size or is it over weight or will you be told that  you might have to check it in.

But there are some easy rules that will help you to make life that bit easier for you and also a little less stressful too.

Size Matters

The Ryanair cabin size is 55cm x 40cm x 20cm.  IF you stick to this size or a little smaller then you are already on the right track.  One of the main reasons as to why people will get caught out at the airport is that their cabin bag is more than likely a little bigger.  If it is then you should really invest in a cabin bag that is the correct size as this will make life so much easier.


The next thing that can cause difficulty is that the case itself may be heavy to start off with

Image result for heavy caution

A good starting point for a cabin luggage is to try and make sure that the weigh of the item is no more than 3 kgs as you only have an allowance of 10 kgs to bring on board.  Obviously the lighter the better.  You can get cases that weigh as little as 1.6 kgs that are the correct Ryanair size and come in either 2 x wheels or 4 x wheels.   We have a large selection of bags and cases that are suitable for Ryanair and other airlines.

Extra Bag

You can also bring on an additional small bag e.g. handbag, laptop bag etc. but it must not exceed 35cm x 20cm x 20cm and should easily fit under the seat in front of you.  Unfortunately many people bring on larger pieces and this can cause more difficulty.  We advise that it is always best to keep within the sizes that have been allocated and then you will have an easier check-in experience at the airport.

Above video from YouTube is an advert from


Please be careful with regard to the size of your bag and weight as you can be asked to check this in and this will incur extra costs and time for you. Oversized cabin baggage will be refused at the boarding gate, or where available, placed in the hold of the aircraft for a fee of around €50 (fee subject to VAT on domestic flights at applicable government rates and are based on today’s date 6/7/2017).

If you follow the guidelines then you will have a easier experience and thus it will make your travel experience all the better.

Here at Adamson Luggage we can assist you with any questions that you may have and also we have the Ryanair check in cage in our store so that you can be sure that when you purchase a piece from our store that you will be happy in the knowledge that it will fit on board.

Happy traveling,

John Adamson

Adamson Luggage







Travel tips

Going on holidays can be a stressful  time befor you even get to the airport so make sure you make the trip as easy as possible by following the rules of rge airlines.  

Make sure you check your airlines do’s and dont’s bedore you travel by going to their website and see what guidelines you should follow.

A good basic rule of thumb is if you think you should not bring it then don’t.  So many times we can get caught be bringing prohibited items on our travels as we sometimes forget about the vigilant security measures at our airports.

If we all packed wisely and followed the guidelines then our trip through security would be safer and more importantly it would be faster too.

I will post up a do’s and dont’s in my next blog to give you some good guidelines that are recommended.

Always travel safely.


Samsonite Lite-Shock

Samsonite’s newest, lightest Curv Product.

At Adamson Luggage, we found this product to be incredibly popular due to its extreme lightweight against competitor products attributed with its extreme core strength. See the bottom for information on the innovative ‘Curv’ material.

With a 10 year global guarantee attached to the case, the Samsonite Lite-Shock became an easy sell here at the store. Available in 4 core colours, Black, Copper, Petrol Blue and White.

With a compression strap on one side and a pocket divider on the other, the Samsonite Lite-Shock kept its weight down with the carry on weighing 1.7KG and the large 81cm weighing 2.8KG.  Don’t believe us on how incredibly strong it is? Check out the youtube video below!

Overall we find the product to be of fantastic quality and with current stocks at 30% off they are flying out! Available on our website at too!

Curv® is a new concept in thermoplastic materials that bridges the gap between commodity plastics and traditional fibre-reinforced materials. Curv® is ‘self reinforced’ because it comprises high performance thermoplastic fibres in a matrix of exactly the same material. Curv® is 100% polypropylene, but yields stiffness and strength values around 5 times those of regular PP. In addition, Curv® has a high strain to failure which in combination with good tensile strength offers tremendously high impact resistance, even at temperatures as low as -189 degrees Celsius!

Eastpak Tranverz small

The Tranverz range of bags from Eastpak has been around for a while and has a fantastic record. Available at Adamson Luggage.

It is the perfect cabin bag that is adjustable to suit all airlines as a cabin bag.

Recently it has been updated and it has never looked as good before. Available in many colours, but core colours remain the best sellers;  Black, red, double denim, black denim, Sunday grey.

The best part of the bag is the wheels as they are inline roller blade wheels which makes for easy wheeling over any surface. Also they have updated the base foot stand which is now far superior to the previous version and helps keep the base of the case well off the ground.


Weight:2500 gWarranty:30 yearsMaterial:Polyester


51 cm
32.5 cm
24 cm
42 Liter

Knomo LAPTOP Briefcase Princeton

Its always good to see something new come onto the market and even better when it is great value too.

Here at Adamson Luggage, we are delighted to be able to bring you the new KNOMO Princeton briefcase.  @ €89

This simple yet effective and cost friendly briefcase will hold up to a 15.6″ Laptop and all your accessories.

An industrious 15.6” laptop bag for the diligent modern worker. Sharp and practical, a stylish solution to transport and protect your laptop and tech accessories. Understated class, uncompromising functionality.


Premium materials combined for exemplary durability and a luxe finished look. Incredibly lightweight, with an exterior of steel grey herringbone twill polyester and smart leather-look detailing, every detail is carefully crafted for reliable ease of use: from its strong, refined stitching, to its robust, comfortable shoulder strap.







Orbit Key – the key to successfully organising your keys


The Orbit Key which we have been selling very well here at Adamson Luggage is a brilliant way or organising your keys and keeping them all in the one place. I have been using one now for the past 2 years and I have to say that they are a little gem of a product and well worth while purchasing. Let alone the design and functionality which is brilliant, but they also stop me from tearing the lining of jackets and trousers and the scratching of my mobile too.


Advantages of the ORBIT KEY are:

  • It is a beautiful accessory that you will be proud to carry with you.
  • Organise your keys in a neat stack to avoid clutter
  • No more key jingles – perfect for exercise lovers and those who can’t stand jingling keys.
  • The soft band material envelops the teeth of your keys – preventing it from scratching your other treasured belongings.
  • Award winning mechanism that will not come undone accidentally and also accommodate 2-7 keys.

You can get an 8 Gig or 32 Gig USB Key that will fit perfectly onto your Orbit key and always have your files on hand,



Open your bottles anytime with the optional bottle opener.



Carry your car keys and other items with the included D-ring attachment.



The Orbit Key is available in both Leather and in Rubber in many colours.

Orbitkey-45 (Medium) (Lee-PC's conflicted copy 2015-03-09)




Best Barber experience in South Dublin



I have had the pleasure of visiting the best barber in Sth Dublin (or should I say Dublin) on a few occasions and I wanted to share it with you all.

This Barber shop has such a sense of Old traditional with a mix of new in it. You are made feel welcomed as a friend rather than just a customer when you walk into the shop. It is beautifully and very tastefully furnished to give you a relaxed experience as you walk in and the prices are very competitive too.

There is even treat if you dare to accept an offer of a drink (as long as your not driving of course).

The head barber is Andrew and he has a wealth of experience in this industry and he makes you feel at home when you arrive. He puts a lot of emphasis into making sure that you not just get a haircut but that you also get an experience when you are there which is a lost art nowadays.

If the shop is busy you can sit down and have a Nespresso Coffee and read the newspaper in the most comfiest chairs ever.

you can lay back, relax and enjoy their after haircut shampoo without discomfort. Yes that right they cut your hair first and then the wash your hair and finish it off with a facial hot towel for 5 mins that sends you into a beautiful peaceful bliss with music in the background.

They also have a fabulos rang of products from Shaving creams/ brushes, traditional razors, beards oils to name but a few.

So give yourself a treat and visit them and you will be surprised by the experience you get there.


New SECRID Colour

Miniwallet – Vintage Chocolate


This new colour in a classic chocolate brown is beautiful and the colour of the cardprotector inside the wallet matches the colour of the leather.

Based on the Secrid Cardprotector, the Miniwallet is both a compact and secure wallet. In addition to the cards in the Cardprotector, the interior offers space for a few cards, paper money, receipts, business cards and some coins.

The Miniwallet is compact and, because of the press stud closure, easy to carry


6 flat cards or 4 embossed cards
Business cards
4 extra cards

Solid aluminum
European leather
65 x 102 x 21 mm
72 grams


It is also available in the Slim Wallet and the Card Protector and twin wallet.


Samsonite Smarttop

Welcome to the newest design from Samsonite at Adamson Luggage

The Smarttop cabin case is a revelation in easy access for travel.

The top pocket is easily accessed to reach your small items such as passport, tickets mobile phone change etc. Also the beauty about this is that you can access you toiletry bag without having to open up the main compartment of your cabin case. Thus making the security check-in that bit easier for you.

Cable lock TSA to allow safe travel to the US which locks all pockets to the one lock. (as below)

The Samsonite Smarttop is available in both a 4 x wheeled spinner case and also is available in the traditional 2 x wheeled case as well.

The Case is available in 55 x 40 x 20 cm and makes this piece compatible with both Ryan Air and Aerlingus.