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*****Our In-House Repair Department is open Monday-Saturday only*****

All prices are minimum estimates, however often an additional repair is required to complete the requested job. For a more accurate quote, please drop your case in or send us an email with pictures attached to

Repairs can be dropped in or collected from our premises Monday to Friday 09.00-17.30 and Saturdays 10:00-17.30 - this is inclusive of Airline claims.

*****Unfortunately we are unable to accept or process repairs or airline claims on Sundays.*****

In-store Repair Service:

•  Adamson luggage has an in-store repair service for luggage, briefcases, duffle bags, etc.   
•  Quick turnaround.
•  Parts can be ordered from manufacturers where available.
•  Wide range of parts kept in store.
•  We can repair and replace zip sliders. (We are unable to replace full zips.)

If you have a query about a repair please don’t hesitate to contact us - phone: (01) 677-4622.

Most popular brands like Samsonite, Rimowa and Delsey provide fittings for their luggage and bags. Here at Adamson Luggage we try to stock parts for these brands, or can order them in if available (usually takes 5-10 working days).

We also repair other brands of luggage, however some fittings such as wheels and trolley systems may not be available, and we cannot source generic fittings for these.

Know your Warranty:

Most Luggage Brands have warranties that cover manufacturer defects. Be sure to hold onto your warranty and keep with you when travelling. Typically the warranty is exclusive of airline damage, and doesn't apply to normal wear and tear, or damage through misuse of the bag.

Estimate service:

There is an estimate service available on your damaged bag to customers seeking to claim from their travel insurance or claiming from airlines with whom we have no account. The charge for an estimate is €10.00.
The amount will be fully refunded if you purchase a replacement bag from Adamson Luggage, showing a copy of the estimate upon purchase.

***Please note: Estimates cannot be given without an examination of the damaged bag here in store, i.e. you are required to bring the damaged item into the shop for examination. We are unable to give estimates via photographs or email.

We are unable to issue estimate forms on any Pram/Buggies.


1/ In case the passenger does not have TAG number or

it is necessary for you to send a written request to our email/fax.
Please note, that this authorization should have written form (e.g. by email).

If you will not receive an answer from us within 7 days, you can consider the authorization as approved.

6/ Authorization2/ In case the cost of repair/replacement is likely to exceed the limit of 300 EUR (250 GBP), Dedicated Fax number for BlueLink International +420 296 341 675
Dedicated Email:

7/ Depreciation

When replacing passengers luggage, please note, that the depreciation must be included. You can see the percentage of depreciation of luggage´s value below.

8/ Invoicing
After all these services have been performed, you can invoice BlueLink according to the following instructions.

2/ Invoice should be labelled (the address on the invoice) to: 
       57 Rue Ledru Rollin
Fiscal identifier = FR57449171222

4/ VAT- only for European Union members

Once both - the invoice and the documents provided by the client are received, a payment by an international bank transfer will be made to you in a period of maximum 30 days counting from the day the invoices were received.

date of purchase depreciation
up to 12 months 0 %
between 1 et 3 years 20 %
beyond 3 years 30 %
1/ Prepare invoice original and complete invoice and documents. 3/ The physical documents (Invoices + Passenger’s documents) should be sent to:
PO Box 717
111 21  PRAHA 1
The invoices need to include the following information:
 Authorization Code, Name of passenger
 PIR (Property Irregularity Report) Number or Case number
 Your fiscal identifier (tax number)
 Our fiscal identifier (FR57449171222)
 Public Price, Discount, Invoiced Price
 Price without VAT, price with VAT
 Currency
 Tax (VAT) – the percentage of VAT has to be written on the invoice, also the exact amount of VAT
 Notification whether the article has been repaired or replaced.
 Brand and model of the article provided to the client.
 Invoice date ( VAT date), Date – due to
 IBAN (International bank account number)
 SWIFT (BIC) – bank code
It is necessary to detail in the invoice both the Unit Price and the VAT amount. 
Please note, that name of the airline cannot be written on the invoice (BlueLink is providing the service of handling baggage incidents for Cityjet, but we are a different companies and therefore the name of the airline cannot be written on the invoice.)
In accordance with EU tax law, it is necessary to invoice repairs without VAT and replacements with VAT. The easiest way is to make two separate invoices – one for repairs and one for replacements.
Invoice for repairs should include this sentence: “Reverse charge.” – to show, that the taxpaying duty was shifted to the customer (in this case BlueLink International).
Invoice for replacements has to include the statement, that the replaced luggage did not cross the border of another member state of EU or to a state outside of EU. Therefore we would like to ask you to always write this sentence on the invoice for replacements: “This is a new replaced luggage, which was not delivered to another member state of EU or outside of EU.”¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬
We welcome you as one of our official suppliers, and we hope that our cooperation shall meet your expectations.
Thanking you in advance for your attention to this matter, please accept our best regards.

BlueLink International


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